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How to take care of your Sweater Dress ?

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The sweater dress is often made of wool and it is often a very delicate moment when it is time to wash it. Does it have to be washed by hand? By machine?

How to dry it? What about the temperature? So many questions that I will try to answer. The first step is to determine in which material your sweater dress is made.

If it is made of angora, hand washing is the most appropriate. Choose a small amount of very mild detergent or baby shampoo in lukewarm water to avoid felting.

Do not soak your sweater dress, and spin it gently, then dry it flat on a towel. To prevent hair loss, put the dress in the freezer in a bag for 48 hours!

The classic wool sweater dress : 

Wool requires special treatments. Washing should be done quickly in lukewarm water and with fingertips.

There are special wool washes for your dress, or you can use a few drops of your shampoo diluted in cold water.

Rinse the wool several times without ever wringing it in almost cold water, and add a few drops of white vinegar to the last rinse to get rid of the detergent deposits.

To dry the wool sweater dress, the practice is the same as for the angora dress; always dry it flat, on a towel, without ever wringing it to wring it out.

However, you can wipe the water from the sweater dress with a towel. Your sweater dress will always remain in perfect condition!



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